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May 2015

Day 18 – My worst habits

So its day 18 and today's post is all about my worst habits. I don't have many really bad habits but the ones that I do have are really bad. So here is a list of my bad habits: Daydreaming ... Continue Reading →

Day 17 – What I am afraid of

So yeah.. today is the day when I tell you what I am afraid of.. I am afraid of a few things and I know a lot of you may laugh at the lists but these are my serious fears.... Continue Reading →

Day 16 – Favourite Childhood Book

Right so todays post is my favourite childhood book.. this was very difficult as I am like a MAJOR bookworm so books just come and go and I have probably read to many to say I had a favourite book.... Continue Reading →

3 steps forward, 1 step back

In responce to the Daily Prompt Journey My mum always told me whenever I was down that life was a journey, it had it's ups and it had its downs.. but you always managed to get through. She always said... Continue Reading →

Day 15 – My Dream Job

A while ago I dreamed of becoming a chef.. I thought that I could be in a kitchen.. Cook these amazing dishes... Experience new things and create new flavours... But alas, life was not simple was not as simple as... Continue Reading →

Day 14 – Timeline of my day

So yesterday was a pretty hectic day, my days are not usually like this. Also I was alone at the coffee shop so was kinda rushed off my feet. Anyway I decided to try out something new today regarding post... Continue Reading →

Day 13 – What is in my purse

So the post I was supposed to do yesterday was what is in my purse/bag. Now I am a bagaholic I love buying bags and I think I have about 10 maybe more. Anyway I don't have one single bag... Continue Reading →

What I can be by Rebecca Wilson

Amazing poem with inspiring words 🙂

Day 12 – My Favourite Quote

So today's post is my favourite quote. I live by quotes and they bring me back to reality so I can't pick one. So here are a collection of my favourite quotes. 😊😊 Happiness can be found in the darkest... Continue Reading →

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