So yeah.. today is the day when I tell you what I am afraid of.. I am afraid of a few things and I know a lot of you may laugh at the lists but these are my serious fears. (Also one thing you should know I have a fascination with the phobias by real name and have actually researched what I have.)

  • Astraphobia – Fear of thunder and lightning
  • Tonitrophobia – Fear of thunder
  • Acrophobia – Fear of heights 
  • Equinophobia – Fear of horses
  • Zuigerphobia – Fear of vacuum cleaners 😛

I am scared of all of these.. some of them I am trying to overcome.. others there is no hope in hell for me overcoming them. When thunder and lightning comes I am either hiding under the bedcovers like..

giphy-2Yes that is most likely what I am doing when it is stormy outside and incase you didn’t realise I am a massive Sherlock fan so had to have this as my first gif on this blog 🙂 I think its the noise that scares me but I will be screaming my head off.. most likely or cowering under the table.

I also have a recently developed fear of both Vacuum cleaners and horses. I can use a vacuum cleaner (incase you were wondering) my room is pretty tidy. But whenever anyone else has the vacuum cleaner or I walk past a horse in a field I am like RUN AWAYY…. RUN AWAYYYYYYY

giphyI used to love horses but now every time I see one I am running in the opposite direction at full speed or hugging tightly to the person next to me… Yes I am weird like that 😛 My fear of heights I want to overcome by doing a number of extreme sports but I don’t know how that will pan out. I am so happy that the GIFs worked 🙂