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Two Metres Apart

So I started rewriting some songs for a lockdown version. As seriously the lockdown of 2020 is an unsuual situation. Definately something to tell the grandkids when I am older. Anyway here is my lockdown version of Speeding Cars by... Continue Reading →

Life… It fades away

Life, What does it mean anway? In the end, We all just fade away. Our life goes by, Like the blink of an eye. Too fast to stop and think about it, No time to really sit. Life is beautiful... Continue Reading →

Black Sheep

I am a black sheep, left outside. I am sick of the loneliness, that makes me want to hide. I am outside the window, looking in. Wishing I could be there, amongst the thick and thin. I try to blend... Continue Reading →

Monday’s child

Hey, I am now doing the Nursery rhyme challenge as part of the IMBC challenge I started about a week ago. It is a challenge to test your ability to change and adapt your blogging style. If you would like... Continue Reading →


So today is the 6th day of this IMBC challenge. If you want more information or would like to join the challenge check out IMBC Challenge Home. Todays challenge is the Mass Media Challenge where I have to link a... Continue Reading →

I knew I loved you before….

So I came up with this poem on one of those days when my mind was just flowing with creativity. And I am now starting to wonder why my mind turns everything dark and deep.. but then again that's a... Continue Reading →

My Ocean Blue

The deep water so pure so true The deep and never ending ocean blue I feel the water in my veins Bounding me with everlasting chains I feel the connection in my heart And know deep inside we can never... Continue Reading →

Where has our winter gone?

  Winter is here at last It's cold, It's wet Yet not a drop of snow has past So I sit inside by the fire Wanting nothing more Than to admire The beautiful crisp white sheets Of that lovely thing... Continue Reading →

Choosing their names

Hey guys, So today's question was what are my favourite names. Since there are so many beautiful names in the world I was unable to pick. Instead I decided to recite a famous poem about names. Choosing their names Our... Continue Reading →

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