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Fairy Tale Reading Challenge

Hey guys, Been mega busy at college cannot believe I have four weeks left and then I am finished FOREVER. Well... anyway I will blog on that a bit later but today I decided to share with you one of... Continue Reading →

What is this thing I hold in my hand?

Hey guys, So I am now onto the 9th Day of the IMBC challenge. The challenge is to look at something with a fresh pair of eyes like a baby does. As a baby everything around is new to them.... Continue Reading →

The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet – Debate

So I recently got recommended this book by someone on Goodreads who I am in a book group with. After looking at it I thought it looked pretty cool although was a bit sceptical at first. After the first couple... Continue Reading →

Updated book list

I love to read like alot. And the other day I was looking at my bookshelf and did the most unexpected thing. I got rid of books... Yes I, got rid of books that I no longer liked. I got... Continue Reading →

2015 Book list

Hey guys ☺ As you all know I love my books and read a number of books this past year. Not many because I was busy with college but a definite amount 😊 So as this year ends I thought... Continue Reading →

Dying to be read

Incase you didn't know I love books. I find they transport me to another world where I can be anywhere and do anything my heart pleases. I am currently reading A Game of Thrones. It is a very big book... Continue Reading →

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