A while ago I dreamed of becoming a chef..

I thought that I could be in a kitchen..

Cook these amazing dishes…

Experience new things and create new flavours…

But alas, life was not simple was not as simple as that..

My dreams were crushed to pieces

When reality hit me like a speeding train..

I was in hospital having just had an epileptic fit

My brain had messed up again

It had ruined my plan

It messed everything up and put a spanner in the work

I could be in danger if I worked in a kitchen

So I had to give up on that dream…

I pursued a different career

One which I am pursuing now

I plan to become a physiotherapist

I want to help people

I want to be able to use my goodness for others

Helping others is in my genes so I thought why not use it

I know now that the pain I have had and suffered through

Has all been part of a bigger plan..

My life may not have turned out the way I planned

But I believe I am on the path to success and happiness

I believe I can achieve my dream job

I believe I will help others as they have helped me 🙂