So the post I was supposed to do yesterday was what is in my purse/bag. Now I am a bagaholic I love buying bags and I think I have about 10 maybe more. Anyway I don’t have one single bag which I use everyday as the bag has to be dependent on:

  • My mood that day
  • What I am doing that day
  • Whether I need practical or design
A collection of bags
A collection of bags

Anyway I included that picture to show you some of the different types of bags. So now for the fun part of what goes in them:

IMG_20150505_174521 In my purse I usually carry:

  • My new purse which I brought yesterday needed a bigger one
  • Notebook for post ideas when they come
  • Pencilcase
  • Diary
  • Hand cream
  • Speakers
  • Phone + headphones
  • Headphone replacements
  • Comb
  • Band/braclet