Who am I?, this is a question I am constantly asking myself who actually am I?

10170801_1418833801709846_3789075435069102771_nSo… this is who I am

Hi, My name is Ruth, I am a unique young person who struggles with life but still manages to keep onto of everything. I am a unique individual who sees the world differently. Throughout my life I never had many friends and I would often be the sad lonely individual absorbed in a book in the corner of the playground. I used to be like that but something recently changed, I looked back and thought I am glad to have this life and I am glad to be given the opportunity to share this life with others.

I decided to blog as I felt it would be the best way to communicate my inner feelings with the world and share my opinions on many things. People always have seen me as a bit a freak and have ignored me, I thought that by blogging that would remove the main issues I had with opening up. I am an avid reader and I spend my time helping others and doing good in the community.

A midget list of favourites (like me)

  • Favourite book – Teardrop – Lauren Kate
  • Favourite author – Cat Patrick
  • Favourite band – Green Day
  • Favourite song – Boulevard of Broken Dreams
  • Favourite album – Save Rock and Roll
  • Favourite colour – Blue
  • Favourite movie – Despicable me (don’t ask…)
  • Favourite Tv programme- Big Bang Theory
  • Favourite sport – Kayaking

What this blog means to you the reader?

My blog is going to be a very unique blog, I will not talk about just one topic as the tagline says anything goes. I will be talking about anything and everything that comes into my head, whether it be reviews or random stuff. My blog will give you the opportunity to see what my crazy world is like and understand what goes on in my head. I hope you like it as this blog will be anything but normal….. 😛


Ruth 🙂

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