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Christmas tradition challenge

Hey guys, So I thought I would have a bit of fun with you today... (Not in the weird way) :P. Over the world there are a number of weird Christmas traditions that you may not know about. Christmas is... Continue Reading →

Poulation – a major issue

We live in a world with very little space, yet the population seems to be on the increase. We currently have on this small plant a massive 7 billion people. And this number is on the increase. Many people don't... Continue Reading →

Can we autocorrect humanity?   When I watched this video, it really brought out to me how far society has gone to becoming anti-social. People say this world is interconnected with all this social network, but do they think about the effect it... Continue Reading →

Whats the point with social cliques?

I really don't see the point of having a social hierarchy in a common school. Social cliques are the groups in society, it is more common to see these social cliques in schools because that is where the division becomes most... Continue Reading →

So this is me

My name is Ruth and this is my crazy world. All my life I have struggled with a lot of things but one of the biggest issues I have found over the years is social communication. I don't have many... Continue Reading →

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