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Day 23 – A different time in my life

Sometimes I think back to a different time When it wasn't a crime To be deemed different in a controlled society Oh, how I longed for variety I often wish to go back to those days When life did not... Continue Reading →

Day 22 – Pet Peeves

So I have got to catch up big time with what I have missed recently. I know that this has taken me over a month to do but I have had a lot going on in my life. (Like presently... Continue Reading →

Day 20 – Something I miss

So its Day 20 now I know I am a bit behind but I am doing my best to catch up with what I have still to do. So todays post was something I miss, I was kind of stuck... Continue Reading →

The pain you caused

Dear whoever reads this I would like to say to the people who hurt me and bullied me over the years.. You could have thought about your actions before you went ahead with them. To you it may have seemed... Continue Reading →

Questions with no answers….

What question do you hate to be asked? Why? Plead the Fifth I get loads of people ask me about my life and what I plan on doing, as to the rest of the world it seems that I am... Continue Reading →

Being me

So many people I know don't like who they are, and often think that the grass is greener on the other side. They see themselves as not perfect, they look at others and want what they have and don't want... Continue Reading →

An unexpected journey

I have recently been thinking a lot about my journey I have been through. Life seems to be amazing at throwing us curve balls that we have to dodge and get through. Whereas some people get life handed to them... Continue Reading →

Being Top Dog

One of the things I find most annoying in this world is that so many people in this small area want to be top dog. This means they see themselves as better than everyone else and will do whatever it... Continue Reading →

Poulation – a major issue

We live in a world with very little space, yet the population seems to be on the increase. We currently have on this small plant a massive 7 billion people. And this number is on the increase. Many people don't... Continue Reading →

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