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The Real Me vs The Social Media Me

I know I am not the only one to say this... but social media has affected us all. The rise of these sites like Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram and Snapchat has allowed us to put a cover over the... Continue Reading →

Day 22 – Pet Peeves

So I have got to catch up big time with what I have missed recently. I know that this has taken me over a month to do but I have had a lot going on in my life. (Like presently... Continue Reading →

Let me not take a selfie

Selfies... it has officially been deemed as an offical word now, but what's the point in this worldwide craze. I am not a big fan of selfies as I have seen so many people I know become victims of the selfie... Continue Reading →

Twitter, a world full of inspiration

I have a twitter account and just thought I would share a few of my favourite tweets with you. Hope you like them. Follow me on Twitter if you liked these posts

Can we autocorrect humanity?   When I watched this video, it really brought out to me how far society has gone to becoming anti-social. People say this world is interconnected with all this social network, but do they think about the effect it... Continue Reading →

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