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Black Sheep

I am a black sheep, left outside. I am sick of the loneliness, that makes me want to hide. I am outside the window, looking in. Wishing I could be there, amongst the thick and thin. I try to blend... Continue Reading →

My Ocean Blue

The deep water so pure so true The deep and never ending ocean blue I feel the water in my veins Bounding me with everlasting chains I feel the connection in my heart And know deep inside we can never... Continue Reading →

Movies are my life

Hey guys, As part of the 101 challenge I originally decided to watch the top 250 movies on IMDb after much deliberation I decided to change that. So I then decided to watch 26 movies each beginning with each letter... Continue Reading →

Day 27 – Last time I cried

I cry a lot, I am one of these emotional people who just cries for any random reason. I don't care where I am or what I am doing if I want to cry then the tears will pour out... Continue Reading →

Day 26 – What makes me feel better always

Well I have decided to wrap up the 30 Day blog challenge and finish it today, as I realised I have probably done 30 days already but because I have been really busy I have been unable to do it... Continue Reading →

Day 23 – A different time in my life

Sometimes I think back to a different time When it wasn't a crime To be deemed different in a controlled society Oh, how I longed for variety I often wish to go back to those days When life did not... Continue Reading →

The pain you caused

Dear whoever reads this I would like to say to the people who hurt me and bullied me over the years.. You could have thought about your actions before you went ahead with them. To you it may have seemed... Continue Reading →

What is pain?

People all around this world, Face the struggles that have been hurled. At their life like bullets from a gun, They seem to have lost everyone Life may be cruel to some Who seem to succumb To the simple pleasures... Continue Reading →

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