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Why education…. why??

Sometimes I wonder what has gone wrong with the education system. It was originally a system designed to teach young people how to be a part of this world and make the most of adult life. What's it doing now...... Continue Reading →

Questions with no answers….

What question do you hate to be asked? Why? Plead the Fifth I get loads of people ask me about my life and what I plan on doing, as to the rest of the world it seems that I am... Continue Reading →

Being Top Dog

One of the things I find most annoying in this world is that so many people in this small area want to be top dog. This means they see themselves as better than everyone else and will do whatever it... Continue Reading →

Let me not take a selfie

Selfies... it has officially been deemed as an offical word now, but what's the point in this worldwide craze. I am not a big fan of selfies as I have seen so many people I know become victims of the selfie... Continue Reading →

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