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The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn Is Just to Love and Be Loved in Return – David Bowie — The Seeds 4 Life

Two thousand and sixteen saw the passing of so many talented people. Creators who have inspired us with their passion, thoughts, and compassion. Musicians and artist who have changed our lives with their words, images, and melodies. It makes me... Continue Reading →

My top songs of 2016

So I was on Spotify the other day and I saw this playlist created for me. Spotify had put together an entire playlist based around my top songs I started listening to in 2016. As I write this I have... Continue Reading →

101 goals in 1001 days update

So about a year ago I decided to start the 101 goals in 1001 days. I saw it on another blog as was instantly inspired. This has given me something to think about over the past year. When I did... Continue Reading →

Top 10 songs currently

Music taste like everything changes over time. I have not posted a recent update on my music taste. So here is my Top 10 songs currently. Some are old and some are new so they are not all the same... Continue Reading →

Song of the day – To the Moon and back Feeling in a really retro mood so thought I would share this retro song by savage garden. They are an amazing band and I heard this song on the radio today while at work. It kind of stuck with... Continue Reading →

Song of the day – Use Somebody I have decided to do a song of the day post to give you guys an idea of the music I listen to. Music is such a valuable part of my life that I find I need to listen... Continue Reading →

Day 30 – Favourites list

I have finally finished the 30 Day blog challenge, taken me more than a month to do so but you know. So at the beginning of this challenge I asked people to comment as to what I should do on... Continue Reading →

Day 26 – What makes me feel better always

Well I have decided to wrap up the 30 Day blog challenge and finish it today, as I realised I have probably done 30 days already but because I have been really busy I have been unable to do it... Continue Reading →

Day 21 – 10 Favourite songs

So today I am writing about my 10 favourite songs. I love music and this is constantly changing due to my opinions on music changing dramatically. Music has always been one of the most important things in my life and... Continue Reading →

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