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So I did something crazy…

So I did something real crazy the other day.... I went white. It was the scariest moment of my life because yes I have shaved my hair off but I have never changed my colour completely. I have always been... Continue Reading →

I will succeed

So many people think that because I am not going to university I am not smart or I am not going to be successful. Well.... Let me tell you. I WILL SUCCEED. How is a piece of paper supposed to... Continue Reading →

The Real Me vs The Social Media Me

I know I am not the only one to say this... but social media has affected us all. The rise of these sites like Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram and Snapchat has allowed us to put a cover over the... Continue Reading →

Where I Stand Project

My Ocean Blue

The deep water so pure so true The deep and never ending ocean blue I feel the water in my veins Bounding me with everlasting chains I feel the connection in my heart And know deep inside we can never... Continue Reading →

Updated book list

I love to read like alot. And the other day I was looking at my bookshelf and did the most unexpected thing. I got rid of books... Yes I, got rid of books that I no longer liked. I got... Continue Reading →

Day 13 – 5 weaknesses

Trying to catch up with all that I have missed in the way of the blog challenge. Much harder than I thoughtWhen  I think I got a bit behind in the first few days and I am now suffering the... Continue Reading →

So this prompt was a typical day in my life. I always go by the principal that a picture says 1,000 words. This is why I decided instead of reading a typical day how about see a typical day. I... Continue Reading →

Pet Peeves

Hey guys, This post is all about pet peeves and I have decided instead of doing a list of my pet peeves I have decided to do a list of traits or things I do that may annoy someone. Literally... Continue Reading →

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