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Fairy Tale Reading Challenge

Hey guys, Been mega busy at college cannot believe I have four weeks left and then I am finished FOREVER. Well... anyway I will blog on that a bit later but today I decided to share with you one of... Continue Reading →

Love affects us all

So today I am completing the fourth task of the IBMC challenge. This challenge is designed to test my creativity and variety as a blogger. This task was quite challenging as we are given 5 haiku's and we have to... Continue Reading →

I knew I loved you before….

So I came up with this poem on one of those days when my mind was just flowing with creativity. And I am now starting to wonder why my mind turns everything dark and deep.. but then again that's a... Continue Reading →

The art of attraction

We humans have become very close to our fellow animal friends, with whom we share our planet. So much so that a mutual attraction has developed... Our animals love us and we love them. We invite them into our houses... Continue Reading →

Pros and cons of Christmas

This is the festive season and Christmas is here. I love Christmas so much the food, the festivities. So I thought in the spirit of this festive season I would compile a list of the pros and cons of this... Continue Reading →

Day 9 – First Celebrity Crush

So I know it's been a long time since I last blogged but I have had a really busy time recently. So Day 9 is my first celebrity crush.. I don't really have many celebrity crushes I mainly focus on... Continue Reading →

Day 4 – Earliest Childhood Memory

I just want to say that I am sorry for not having posted these earlier but my internet has been having problems recently. Finally managed to sort it out but now have to do all of the posts. Day 4... Continue Reading →

My empty heart

My empty heart It feels no pain Cupid's arrow pierced a part I thought could never be slain My love for you Was all I had It made me feel true But the truth made me┬ámad I thought our love... Continue Reading →

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