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642 things to write about Part 2

Hey... I'm back. A couple of days ago I posted about this book I had that gets your creative juices flowing by giving you prompts for a short story and you let your mind go wild. So I thought I... Continue Reading →

Life… It fades away

Life, What does it mean anway? In the end, We all just fade away. Our life goes by, Like the blink of an eye. Too fast to stop and think about it, No time to really sit. Life is beautiful... Continue Reading →

Dear Diary,

Dear Diary, I know we haven't talked in ages, and that's my fault I know. I just have been stuck in a bit of a bad place for the past few months and with not many people to turn to... Continue Reading →

So I did something crazy…

So I did something real crazy the other day.... I went white. It was the scariest moment of my life because yes I have shaved my hair off but I have never changed my colour completely. I have always been... Continue Reading →

I will succeed

So many people think that because I am not going to university I am not smart or I am not going to be successful. Well.... Let me tell you. I WILL SUCCEED. How is a piece of paper supposed to... Continue Reading →

Fairy Tale Reading Challenge

Hey guys, Been mega busy at college cannot believe I have four weeks left and then I am finished FOREVER. Well... anyway I will blog on that a bit later but today I decided to share with you one of... Continue Reading →

Black Sheep

I am a black sheep, left outside. I am sick of the loneliness, that makes me want to hide. I am outside the window, looking in. Wishing I could be there, amongst the thick and thin. I try to blend... Continue Reading →

Happiness is….

  So I watched Hector's Search for Happiness a couple of months ago. It was such a beautiful film that I decided to share the main lessons in the film as my final challenge for the IMBC challenge. The Happiness... Continue Reading →

Changed Forever

So I am now onto Day 5 of the IMBC challenge, and today's post took me a while to think about. I had to write a story that included 5 quotes, these 5 quotes were so random and weird I... Continue Reading →

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