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I will succeed

So many people think that because I am not going to university I am not smart or I am not going to be successful. Well.... Let me tell you. I WILL SUCCEED. How is a piece of paper supposed to... Continue Reading →

Dreams of the universe

For day three of the IBMC challenge I have to write 10 random sentences that have no relation yet a connection. Check out my first post of this series for more details on the challenge. Flying High ¬† The universe... Continue Reading →

Flying High

I have decided to start the IBMC challenge I found on WordPress. This is an awesome challenge which is designed to test your variety as a blogger and designed to help you expand out of your box. Because when it... Continue Reading →

Day 7 – Dream job

This prompt was to write about my dream job. Now to be honest if I could have any job in the world I would sign up for the navy. I love the water and the boats and in a way... Continue Reading →

Day 15 – My Dream Job

A while ago I dreamed of becoming a chef.. I thought that I could be in a kitchen.. Cook these amazing dishes... Experience new things and create new flavours... But alas, life was not simple was not as simple as... Continue Reading →

An offer I couldn’t refuse

So today's prompt from the daily prompt was to talk about an offer I couldn't refuse. There are many offers in this world you are offered: a better job, a better house, a better soul mate. But the only offer... Continue Reading →

Childhood dreams

I have been thinking a lot about my career recently, I am not where I wanted to be. My career is practically nothing at the moment. But in a small moment of intuition¬†I decided to look back and think about... Continue Reading →

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