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Monday’s child

Hey, I am now doing the Nursery rhyme challenge as part of the IMBC challenge I started about a week ago. It is a challenge to test your ability to change and adapt your blogging style. If you would like... Continue Reading →

Changed Forever

So I am now onto Day 5 of the IMBC challenge, and today's post took me a while to think about. I had to write a story that included 5 quotes, these 5 quotes were so random and weird I... Continue Reading →

Life…. Can it be defined?

Yes life may be in the dictionary.... I know I have checked. But does that definition apply to all of us... No. Life is what we make of it and in my opinion the definition of life changes each second.... Continue Reading →

New year… New page

This new year is like the start of a blank book. You have the whole of the book to edit, create or change your story. This book will have 365 pages where you can detail this upcoming year and the... Continue Reading →

The big change… 😊😊

Hey guys, Recently my life has taken a drastic change.. Something has happened to change my life and my future. ..... I am in college... Yes, me!!! 19 years old and going back into education and too be honest I... Continue Reading →

July Goals

The month of June has come and gone and how quickly did that happen. 🙂 I still feel like I am in June, yet it is July. In June I focused mostly on completing the 30 Day blog challenge. This... Continue Reading →

Day 15 – My Dream Job

A while ago I dreamed of becoming a chef.. I thought that I could be in a kitchen.. Cook these amazing dishes... Experience new things and create new flavours... But alas, life was not simple was not as simple as... Continue Reading →

Then and Now

Recently I have been looking back at how much things have changed over the years. As we get older our lives change, we experience new sensations and learn new things. We may change our appearance, our tastes, our friends and... Continue Reading →

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