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Dear Diary,

Dear Diary, I know we haven't talked in ages, and that's my fault I know. I just have been stuck in a bit of a bad place for the past few months and with not many people to turn to... Continue Reading →

Fairy Tale Reading Challenge

Hey guys, Been mega busy at college cannot believe I have four weeks left and then I am finished FOREVER. Well... anyway I will blog on that a bit later but today I decided to share with you one of... Continue Reading →

Happiness is….

  So I watched Hector's Search for Happiness a couple of months ago. It was such a beautiful film that I decided to share the main lessons in the film as my final challenge for the IMBC challenge. The Happiness... Continue Reading →

Brexit…. The much anticipated arrival This is for the Day 7 challenge of the IMBC from here. For this challenge I have to pick a news article and write my opinions on it. Now for a few truths I rarely pay attention to the... Continue Reading →

Love affects us all

So today I am completing the fourth task of the IBMC challenge. This challenge is designed to test my creativity and variety as a blogger. This task was quite challenging as we are given 5 haiku's and we have to... Continue Reading →

Royalty in Town

Where I Stand Project

Day 1 -20 random facts about me

Hey guys This morning I woke up with a rotten bug thanks to this horrible weather here in England. So yeah been feeling unwell but still going to do this challenge properly. 😀😃 So today's post was write 20 random... Continue Reading →

Capture your 365 challenge

Hey guys So last year I decided to participate in a capture your 365 challenge. Where you are given a prompt per day and have to take a photo relating to that prompt. So today I finally finished it. It... Continue Reading →

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