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Dear Diary,

Dear Diary, I know we haven't talked in ages, and that's my fault I know. I just have been stuck in a bit of a bad place for the past few months and with not many people to turn to... Continue Reading →

Day 13 – 5 weaknesses

Trying to catch up with all that I have missed in the way of the blog challenge. Much harder than I thoughtWhen ¬†I think I got a bit behind in the first few days and I am now suffering the... Continue Reading →

Pros and cons of Christmas

This is the festive season and Christmas is here. I love Christmas so much the food, the festivities. So I thought in the spirit of this festive season I would compile a list of the pros and cons of this... Continue Reading →

Day 18 – My worst habits

So its day 18 and today's post is all about my worst habits. I don't have many really bad habits but the ones that I do have are really bad. So here is a list of my bad habits: Daydreaming¬†... Continue Reading →

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