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642 Things to write Part 4

Hey guys. So you are probably wondering what I am doing up at 4:30 in the morning. Well two words.... Night shift. And what better way to pass my night shift than blog. Anyway I decided to go back to... Continue Reading →

642 things to write about part 3

Hey, so its been a few days. I have been away and work has been absolutely manic but I knew I wanted to continue this series. If you haven't seen part 1 or 2 then go and check them out.... Continue Reading →

642 things to write about Part 2

Hey... I'm back. A couple of days ago I posted about this book I had that gets your creative juices flowing by giving you prompts for a short story and you let your mind go wild. So I thought I... Continue Reading →

642 Things to write about Part 1

So about a year ago I got the book 642 things to write about young writers edition. This is a book that has prompts to start stories or little short thoughts. It's great because it kinda gets your brain working... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Need to Fit Into the Box

When I was younger people of authority often were the biggest bullies I encountered. Sure the kids were mean but they were immature, irrational, and had little power of me, so I didn’t care w… Source: I Don’t Need to... Continue Reading →

Day 5 – My Guilty Pleasures

It's Day 5 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge already and it seems like it has just flown by. So today I have to talk about my guilty pleasures. Don't judge the list.. this is how I am. 🙂 Listening... Continue Reading →

quote of the day !

This quote is so powerful and is definitely one of the best quotes I have stumbled upon. 🙂

I’m the kind of girl

This is a poem I just wrote to describe who I really am. I am the kind of girl who would rather read a book, than party with random strangers. I am the kind of girl who would rather wear... Continue Reading →

Childhood dreams

I have been thinking a lot about my career recently, I am not where I wanted to be. My career is practically nothing at the moment. But in a small moment of intuition I decided to look back and think about... Continue Reading →

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