Hi everyone,

So a couple of years ago I started this blog Anything 2 Autopsy as a chance for me to express myself in a world so judgemental. I wanted to find a way to help overcome the challenges I faced and let the world see the real me. I blogged for a while… then life got in the way and I ended up leaving something I was so passionate about. After time away from my blog I have come back with some new changes and a new life.

So my name is Ruth, I am 21 years old and I am now sharing this blog with my partner Trevor who is 22. We met a couple of years ago and have been friends for many years until last May, when he got told by a fortune cookie I was the love of his life.  That was the beginning of our story together and we still are together nearly a year on.

I thought it would be interesting for us to work on this blog together as we have very different opinions.  So here is a bit of an insight into who we are as a person.

About Ruth

I am 21 years old and I love helping those around me to the best of my ability. I am a carer and I love working with different people it really gives me a chance to view the world in an interesting way. Trevor calls me badger because I am a proud Hufflepuff and I secretly love Newt Scamander (don’t tell Trevor).

I love reading books, taking photos – I am an amateur photographer and have some of my work displayed in galleries. I see the goodness in the world and love being positive and happy all day. I never wear black, only bright and colourful colours will suit me and my colourful personality.

About Trevor 

I am 22 years old and I suck at writing things about myself. Ruth told me I had to do this, but why? Life? I am regrettably also a potterhead, however I am in Slytherin – the best house. Newt Scamander is overrated. I game a lot, and I am looking for a career in online entertainment. 

I love reading, but prefer the works of Edgar Allan Poe to the teenage books Badger reads that are dumb. I am slightly colourblind so can’t even see some colours. Bit of a shock when I found out. I wear black on the outside because black is how I feel on the inside. Badger has opened my world up to new colours and experiences and I couldn’t be happier.