Hey guys. So you are probably wondering what I am doing up at 4:30 in the morning. Well two words…. Night shift. And what better way to pass my night shift than blog. Anyway I decided to go back to this series I started. If you haven’t seen the previous ones go and check them out. My last one is linked here. I have been writing more in this book over the past few weeks and thought I would share some more of this book. I am finding it a really great challenge.

Write about something you hate to love

I hate to love chicken. I always wanted to be a veggie, its so much healthier…… but chicken…. why does this exist? Chicken dippers, nandos chicken….. urghhhh chicken. It’s so versatile and so juicy. I really want to quit but I just can’t. I try and try again and again but every time chicken calls to me and I fall into the temptation again. Chicken is my one weakness. If it didn’t exist I would have a better, healthier lifestyle.

One morning Jessica wakes up and realizes she is magnetic.

Jessica wakes up one morning and starts to pull the covers off her, as she does this she hears a strange rattling noise. She looks up and sees a fork flying towards her. Was she dreaming… She didn’t think so. Forks don’t normally fly so she must be dreaming. Then the flying fork hit her in the chest. She looked down at this fork and tried to prize it off her chest, but this fork did not want to move. It is literally stuck to her chest is it magnetic she starts to think. But she doesn’t have time to ponder this new found idea that she might be magnetic as when she looks up she sees the TV flying towards her. That was the last thing Jessica saw before she died a very tragic death.

Jeff has just scored the winning goal in the football championship. He is a hero, and he is being carried on the shoulders of his teammates. You are the reporter who gets to interview Jeff.

Jeff, can I have a second my name is Isabelle, I work for the Daily Mail. So how do you feel after scoring the winning goal in the last few seconds of the match?

Hi Isabelle, sure I have a few minutes to spare. Well I couldn’t believe it I mean the team did a wonderful job and I am glad we got the winning goal.

This is the first winning goal of the season you have played am I right in thinking that. How does that feel I mean your a hero now?

Yes, you are right Isabelle this is my first winning goal of the season. It felt great when I did it, I think I was in a state of shock for the first few seconds after. I hope this empowers me to go from strength to strength. And you could say I am a hero, but really this is all down to the team we have.

So I heard you were having a bit of a rough time earlier in the year. I bet having this win under your belt will put all that behind you.

Definitely, I have put all that behind me. It was a rough time but I got through it with the support of my family. And now I can look forward to the future.

And what does the future bring.

Hopefully more wins and a better season.

Well good luck for the future and congratulations on an amazing win again.

Hope you enjoyed this.

Ruth 🙂