Hey, so its been a few days. I have been away and work has been absolutely manic but I knew I wanted to continue this series. If you haven’t seen part 1 or 2 then go and check them out. Anyway this series is about some of the short stories I write. So enjoy and let me know what you think.

A group of students are hiking, when they come across a nest with golden eggs. At that moment, one of the eggs hatches.

A tiny dragon pops it’s head out of the egg. Most of the students scream and run away. But one boy with blonde hair slowly walks towards the dragon. He does not know why but he feels a connection to the dragon. As he gets closer the dragon pops out completely, it is a beautiful emerald green all over and is so small it can fit in his hand. Ethan knows that this animal is special and takes it home to care and nurture it.

You are in the middle of a coffee shop and time grinds to a halt describe the scene

Dear diary, soooo like something super weird happened today. I was like in Starbucks queuing for my chai latte and then everything like totally froze. Like no one was moving. It was super freaky. And I like wanted that coffee so I was kinda annoyed. Like why .. anyway I had to like make it myself and I got coffee over my new shoes… I was like so done by that point.

You find at the end of the rainbow….

At the end of the rainbow I find nothing…. This is because there is no end to the rainbow, it keeps on going so nothing is at the end. I suddenly realised that this was like life, it has no end as such as after death there is the afterlife.

Hope you liked these stories. I wrote the post about a week ago. However work has been hectic. Anyway comment how you would have answered them.

Ruth x