Hey… I’m back. A couple of days ago I posted about this book I had that gets your creative juices flowing by giving you prompts for a short story and you let your mind go wild. So I thought I would share the madness in my mind and share these prompts and storied with you.

Write a story that includes a streetlight, a bear and a kid with a jar of honey

Barnaby Bear was lost….. Completely utterly lost. He looked around at his surroundings and he just didn’t know where he was. The last thing he remembered was wanting honey sandwhiches. He was in bed with his owner Mrs Braithwaite, she made the best honey sandwhiches. So downstairs he went to the fridge, Mrs Braithwaite always left a plate of sandwhiches for Barnaby as she knew he got peckish quite easily. As he opened the fridge door he heard a noise and saw a tall, dark figure standing infront of him. Barnaby panicked and ran but he was not fast enough. He was thrown into a sack and taken away. He hadn’t even had his honey sandwhiches. He was then thrown onto the side of the road under a streetlight. It was raining and his fur was starting to matt he was sad and upset. Then in the light he saw a kid with a jar of honey and he knew everything was going to be okay.

Astronauts land on a distant planet. As soon as they open the shuttle door, they see the most amazing sight.

As they step outside the spaceship they see the whole world infront of them. Life itself comes to a standstill as they see the millions of stars around them. Earth seems so small now they have seen this… They look away from the sky towards this new planet, it seems bleak at first glance but to the astronauts it is the best thing they ever have seen. There is a small stream of water in the distant, it glistens with the light of the two moons. The rest of the crew come out of the spaceship, they all leap out and take their first steps on new lands. One of the astronauts grabs their camera and takes a quick pic of the view. They will save that for later. First they need to focus on the mission and the exploration of this new planet.

How would you answer the prompts.. These took a bit of creative thinking for me to answer. Tune in for the next session of the 642 prompts.

Ruth πŸ™‚