So about a year ago I got the book 642 things to write about young writers edition. This is a book that has prompts to start stories or little short thoughts. It’s great because it kinda gets your brain working again. So there was me sat at my kitchen table writing in this book when I thought this would be a good ideas for a post series. So enjoy the series and enjoy the creativity and craziness of my mind.

You’re enjoying making sand castles at the beach when the ocean waves wash up a message in a bottle. You pull out the message what does it say?

Dear Sam,

I know that I am far away,

But I love you more than words can say.

I am sorry that I am not near,

But I hope this message is clear.

You are my one true love,

My beautiful dove.

I will always love you, and I know you love me too,

We will be together someday soon.

Your Love,

Mike XX

An old couple stops you in the street and says you would be perfect for the job….

The old couple are looking for young teenagers to take part in a youth community project. They want to make people aware of the different social groups and the different types of communities there are. They tell me they are doing a show to present their new group to the local area and would like me to participate since I look like a hispter.

The entire neighbourhood is beige and grey, but at the end of the street sits a bright blue house. Who lives there?

Me!!! I live in the blue house, every one else thinks its grey as they cannot see the colour blue. I painted it blue to be different and to represent my blue soul inside.

The king shows up on your doorstep

Depsite being dead for thousands of years the king is looking relatively undead. I scream, turn and run as I realise the zombie apocalypse has begun and king William the Conquerer is leading the zombie army to take over our great nation.

These were the short prompts. If you want to buy the book click on the link here. Let me know how you would answer the following prompts and keep updated for the next post.

Ruth X