This is for the Day 7 challenge of the IMBC from here. For this challenge I have to pick a news article and write my opinions on it. Now for a few truths I rarely pay attention to the news and yes I probably should but you know… I decided to stop reading it because all people write about is sad and depressing stories that make me question humanity. So for the sake of this challenge I am plunging myself into the world of the news and embracing my inner opinionist.

Anyway right now the biggest news in the UK is BREXIT. Incase some of you have never heard of it before last year we the British people voted to leave the European Union. And therefore Brexit was born. We voted out and we got it but now we live in a time of change. David Cameron stepped down and in his place came Theresa May. Now for months the news have been talking about the anticipated arrival of brexit as the government have had to put into plans what they wanted to do and how they were going to get it.

Yesterday Theresa May made a speech about her plans and what she wanted the European Union to do. Because in many ways we want to leave the EU but we don’t want to stop trading with those countries. We are doing this because we have to protect our economy and our island (it’s only small). So in her speech she detailed what her plan was and it was very interesting to hear that this is going to be a ‘hard brexit’ because the EU are going to be tough and stubborn. But we will get through. We voted out because we want our country to be great again and we want our country to shine. We will make our country great again.

Source for the article: BBC