So today is the 6th day of this IMBC challenge. If you want more information or would like to join the challenge check out IMBC Challenge Home. Todays challenge is the Mass Media Challenge where I have to link a photo, a word and a poem listed in the challenge page and write a post around it. Anyway here it goes…

Trapped in this endless sea,

Darkness surrounds me.

I panic, I cry,

Where the hell am I?

I seem to be somewhere in the middle of the sea,

But I can’t remember what happened to me.

How did I get here what did I do?

Why won’t anyone give me the answers to?

I want to call my family or my friends,

But my telephone is broken and just won’t mend.

So I am here all alone,

Without my phone.

So I decide to stop crying and explore,

I want to see if there is anything more.

To this deserted island where I shall spend,

The rest of my days going round the bend.

There is a dark wood to the left side,

I might use that if I want to hide.

So I step into the woods and let the trees surround me,

Taking me to a new place I have yet to be.

The woods are dark and scary,

There are no unicorns or fairies.

This wood is creepy I want to get out,

But suddenly a movement behind me makes me scream and shout.

I run away from that very place in the woods,

I wish I could be home in my bed if I could.

Is this a dream or is it real?

I hear something running after me, I’m probably its next meal.

The road I am on turns into a dead-end,

So I turn and grab a stick to defend.

Myself against foe,

But it can’t be…NO.

There is nothing in front of me was it all in my head,

Maybe I am dreaming back in my bed.

Then a cold laugh echos through the trees,

I fall to my knees.

The woods close in on me,

Trees are all I see.

Then suddenly I see an apparation,

A perfect impression.

Of the man I killed, 

He seems to be thrilled.

He’s punishing me,

Because of who I used to be.

So here I am.. I’m trapped,

My energy has been zapped.

All because of something I did,

Back when I was a little kid.

Hope you enjoyed this poem and let me know what you think, literally just came up with it.