So today I am completing the fourth task of the IBMC challenge. This challenge is designed to test my creativity and variety as a blogger. This task was quite challenging as we are given 5 haiku’s and we have to pick one. After picking this haiku we then have to think about ways to expand on the haiku through story or poetry. After reading all 5 I was instantly drawn to one and decided that this haiku had to be the one I chose. But I wanted to do it in a poem form and in many ways you cannot rush a poem it must come to you. So I spent the whole of yesterday thinking about this haiku and how I could expand on it. Anyway here is my poem and the haiku.

Haiku 4

Love lasts for a while,

When the while is forever,

Forever looks a while.

Love affects us all,

It touches us and our soul,

My soul is yours to keep.

My love lasts forever,

Our love has no boundries,

Crosses land and sea.

I will always love you,

And I will never let you go,

For our love is pure.

I thought of our love,

That will last forevermore,

But love does not last

Death took you away

Life will never be the same,

How can I forget?