So today I am completing day 2 of the IBMC challenge. This is a challenge designed to expand our blogging abilties. See Flying High for my Day 1 challenge and more information on this.


Now for Day 2 I have to talk about memories related to a specific photo, that in itself was a difficult challenge for me. I have 1,500 photos on my Instagram and people say I take way to many pictures. But for me pictures are a chance for me to express my creativity with the world. And also I think I am addicted to photography. Anyway.. this photo is one of my all time favourites from last year and was one of my most liked photos on Instagram.

I took this beautiful sunset in the evening while on the train home from college at night. For me this provides me with the memories I had last year. Like this sunset my year last year was so beautiful with so many memories I cannot even begin to talk about. I came out of my shell last year and despite being nervous I met new people and I made friends and in a way it was beautiful. I saw the world for what it truly was and started capturing these moments daily. I love that during those times I had amazing support from all my followers on Instagram because last year was tough but in the end it was beautiful and it was worth all the effort I put in. I will always remember the person I was and the person I am now because they are both me just different sides of the same coin. Life is like a sunset you get rid of the past day and you bring on the new time, the new start and the new day.