So I came up with this poem on one of those days when my mind was just flowing with creativity. And I am now starting to wonder why my mind turns everything dark and deep.. but then again that’s a mystery for another day. Anyway here is the poem I came up with the other day.

I knew you loved me before,

That faithful day.

But then you thought it would be funny,

To come out and say.

That you didn’t want to be together,

That you didn’t love me anymore.

Then you turned to my friends,

And called me a whore.

What you said was a lie,

And you knew this to be true.

But you wanted a bit of a laugh,

And you knew this joke would make me blue.

But yet you didn’t think,

Like you never do.

About the words that come out of your mouth,

You didn’t think it would affect my future too.

But on that day you walked away,

And just left me standing there.

Tears streaming down my face,

Makeup running, looking like a panda or maybe a bear.

I knew you loved me before,

As we spent a lot of time out.

I never really guessed,

That during those 3 years you were having doubts.

Now no one employs me,

Because of that one word you said.

My body can no longer fight,

And my mind feels like lead.

I love you and I knew you loved me,

I miss having you by my side.

Because this fight is over,

I can no longer hide.

I can no longer live my life,

I just want it to end.

It’s too late to repair the damage,

I’m just not on the mend.

So here I am, this is the end,

I know I should hate you,

But I can’t anymore, 

I will always love you the way I always do.

Hope you like the poem.. 🙂