Sometimes I wonder what has gone wrong with the education system. It was originally a system designed to teach young people how to be a part of this world and make the most of adult life. What’s it doing now… teaching people that education sucks…

I hate to be the one to say it but having suffered for most of my life in education I know how bad it has got. I think we the students need to educate the adults on the type of education we want. This post will go over what I feel needs to change about the education system and why.

Teachers should know their subject and be able to actually TEACH

This is one I have personally experienced recently, my nutrition teacher couldn’t spell pasta or vegetarian and thought veganism was a religion. Why employ teachers that for starters don’t know their subject. How in hell do you think they are going to pass on knowledge if they don’t have any on that subject. Yes a degree is one thing but actually knowing and understanding the topic is a completely different thing. Another point, get teachers who can actually teach, who can stand in front of a class and keep them engaged. Personally I hate the teachers that just stand and mumble or read of a PowerPoint. Instead I prefer the teachers that make the lesson fun and interesting and have a fun and enthusiastic character about them, as it makes me more interested in the subject. The amount of teachers I have had that can’t control a class is ridiculous get someone who can control a class and as I said can actually TEACH.

Creativity and Imagination should be the focus of schools

I think schools need to focus more on making people more creative and imaginative, the education system is turning young people into robots. These robots will follow the command and do as they are told. They are taught that creativity is bad and doodling is bad. Doodling is in my opinion a way of self-expression, a way of making people more aware of what they are thinking. How can you deny a child the right to be who they are and to express themselves the way they want to.

Uniform should not exist

Uniform. The pain in everyone’s life, it must be ironed, must be kept clean and tidy. What do you think we are robots. Why must we wear something that we are not comfortable in I personally believe that uniform and the strict rules around it has caused the problems with teenagers. These problems being that they start drinking, smoking, hanging around with the wrong crowd, wearing revealing clothing. Guess why… because they get told off continuously by the school for wearing uniform. Also do you really want us all to look the same or is it another way to brainwash us. A school recently sent my sister home due to her skirt being too short for regulation standard…. what did that do? Disturbed her education cause she missed lessons. And the school wonder why people are behind… I think it’s pretty obvious.

Start the kids at the right age and end them at the right age

The kids start in the education system at 2 years old, and recently the government have decided that 15 hours for a 2-year-old is not enough and it needs to be 30. This is ridiculous as Norway allow the kids to start to education at 6. Much better age don’t you think and the emphasis is on play up until they are 6. But have you ever tried to teach a 2 year old for a whole day… doesn’t happen cause 2 year olds just want to play. Learning goes out of the window. Who in their right mind decided that this was a good idea?

Also the leaving age for school is now 18 as students have to stay in education after their GCSE’s or move onto employment. What has this done, made people go to college and pick subjects they are not interested in and they spend their time disrupting the lesson. I know as I am in a college course where half of the people are there because they are being forced. Just let people do what they want and not what you want them to do. Yes I know some people may not get work and live of benefits but sometimes you just have to risk it. One of my friends left school at 16 and now runs her own business with 2 children. I would say she has achieved something wouldn’t you.


Sorry for this rant but I think people need to be aware of this. The education system is all wrong and what is the government doing… absolutely nothing.