Dear People of This World,

I just want to say this one thing. I do exist. I may seem quiet, shy or not that talkative but that’s just me… It’s who I am. Many people think I am a ghost, not to be seen nor heard. This hurts me deep down inside as I am a person. I was born into this world just like everyone else, but because I am different people judge me and I am sick of that.

So this is my message to the world, there are people out there like me who are introverted, who don’t have many friends but who would love one. The weirdos, the social freaks, the retarded. All these names rhat people give us just because we are different. Why can’t you accept out differences and why can’t you see our beauty in these differences anyway. Who wants to be normal I would rather be me. I would rather wear hipster clothes or talk differently because that is who I am.

I want people in this world to understand that we are not retarded nor are we unsociable, we just need people who understand us and embrace our uniqueness. We share houses, we live in the same neighbourhood, the same world. And yet you can’t treat us like others, you treat us differently because your mind is not open enough to embrace or unique beauty. How can I live in a world where I am never going to be accepted, always going to be shunted to the side. All I want like others is to be treated like others, to have friends and people who understand me.

So this message to the world is a simple one, don’t judge people without getting to know them. You do not know the problems they may face daily but calling them retarded or a weirdo has just turned their day into hell. This is a message from all the freaks like me, who just want acceptance, we may be different but we are still human and isn’t that the most important thing. I mean do you think people in the stone age claimed these labels on those less able than themselves. No. They treated all like equal.

So from the freaks of the world, take a walk in our shoes then come back and tell me if we are weirdos or retarded.