I know I am not the only one to say this… but social media has affected us all. The rise of these sites like Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram and Snapchat has allowed us to put a cover over the real us. It has allowed us to hide behind profile pictures, statuses, tweets, likes, comments and shares.

For people who do not know what social media is, it is the form of online media which allows us to create profiles online. Many people like myself use these services to share their life with the world and keep in contact with friends. But I bet mostly everyone at sometime in their social media life has lied about something online. It could be not putting a real picture up on your profile or lying about your age and adding people you do not know nor have never met before.

I myself, have succumbed to this once in a while and have occasionally put up posts on Facebook or Twitter that I would not normally put up. But then I turned to myself and I said why? Who are you trying to impress? I realised I was trying to fit into this ever changing society and trying to be accepted and that meant stepping away from the real me when in this fake world. I looked at my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and I saw the life of someone just trying to be liked but I did not see me. I had forgotten my origins and I had left the part of me I wanted and needed the most.

After this realisation I went through and changed my life I made social media something I used instead of something I abused. I no longer went on Facebook every day and I spent time getting back to what I was and who I was. I posted pictures and made friends and I made sure that people knew my story instead of another person using my body. I learnt the hard way but I am now me and that’s all I will ever be.

Never let social media take a hold on you, be strong and brave but most importantly be you and never lose that part of you. Don’t waste away years of your life staring at a computer screen counting the likes and comments on Facebook. Just go out into the world and live your life the way it was meant to be lived.

Radical Authenticity