We humans have become very close to our fellow animal friends, with whom we share our planet. So much so that a mutual attraction has developed… Our animals love us and we love them. We invite them into our houses and let them cuddle us at night. But if you look back many years ago we were killing our fellow animals for food and hunting them down. To this day we still do in some parts of the world but what changed our opinion on our fellow inhabitants of the world.

I believe it is the beautiful thing known as attraction we looked at the animals we share the planet with and felt something called love. A beautiful, inseparable bond was created between us and the animals. So what do I think caused this…. I think it was a change of mind, a change of way in which we view the world. And now wherever you look animals are part of our daily lives. They have become such an important part because of that beautiful epidemic called love which spread around the world. In many ways this has been going on for a while but I never thought about it until I opened my eyes and saw the world around us.