Hey Guys,

So I was roped into doing a challenge on Instagram about a year ago from a couple of my friends in America. It was a really cool idea where I had to take a where I stand photo every day for a month. But as the month progressed we all decided it was such a fun challenge that could be taken so many ways that we kept on extending it and extending it. Until it became a years worth of photos.

Whenever anyone looks through my phone it is 99.9% pictures of my feet. Many people look at me wierdly but I think it is really cool. I love the way that people can see my life and my daily activities through where my feet go. One minute they are on a train and the next on a kayak. Your feet take you places and I think it is an awesome idea to show the world where your feet have been.

I couldn’t upload 365 photos so I decided to just post a couple of my favourites. If you want to see more check out my Instagram @ruthhawes89 or check out the hashtag ourwisproject. This will show you the awesome adventure we have been up to and if you want to join in you are welcome too. 🙂