Trying to catch up with all that I have missed in the way of the blog challenge. Much harder than I thoughtWhen  I think I got a bit behind in the first few days and I am now suffering the consequences. This prompt is 5 weaknesses …. This is going to be difficult

  1. Lack of understanding in social situations – Yeah I don’t like social situations and if you put me in a party I will stand by the wall looking like a complete idiot. 😂😂
  2. Self care – One of my biggest issue is self care. I don’t know how to look after my body and fail to understand simple things like brushing teeth or hair.
  3. Picking fingers – When I am nervous or scared I pick my finger nails until they bleed. I have to find something to keep my hands occupied otherwise I can’t keep the stresses at bay.
  4. Messy eater – I have the tendency when it comes to food to eat really messy. I somehow and still do not know how end up with my food down me and not in my mouth. Weird huh 😂😂
  5. Interrupting people – Possibly one of the most annoying things I do. I just don’t want to forget what I want to say. 😂

Hope you guys liked my 5 weaknesses and comment which ones you share or your weaknesses. 😃