So today is the long haul I have my computer and I have free time so lets get back on track. Sorry if this is going to clutter up your wordpress inbox I mean well. This prompt was list 5 passions I have…. here they are:

  1. Reading – I love to read like lots… Reading for me is a way of escaping into another realm.
  2. Kayaking – I love kayaking and canoeing as for me being on the river is so relaxing and home away from home really.
  3. Puzzles – I like puzzles both on the tablet and in real life. They really make you think outside the box and you often have to look at a puzzle like the rubik cube from multiple angles.
  4. Organising – I like to keep things organised and often spend my time colour organising or alphabetising my stuff. (is that sad???)
  5. Craft/Photography – I love any form of craft like origami and kirigami. But recently I have found a love for photography and I am participating in the second year of the CY365 challenge on Instagram. Check out my instagram at @ruthhawes89

Hope you guys liked this small post and let me know in the comments what your 5 passions are or what one of your passions is. If you share the same passions as me let me know.