Hey guys

I am now back on track yayyy… Anyway today’s post was to describe my relationship between me and my parents. There is not really much to tell but here you go…

I was born on my mums birthday.. Yes we share a birthday.. And ever since I was young I always felt very connected to my mum. We now agree it was something written in my stars as she is more like my twin than my mum. We think the same, act the same, walk the same. This has created an inseparable bond between us sort of like the bond twins develop. I can’t be without my mum and she is my rock and I am the same for her. We rarely argue and we are just so in sink that life is really easy.

My dad and me get along as well. I share his love for computers and technology and his varied music taste. I am more like my mum but I have traits of my dad. I have never really argued with my parents and have been very positive. I am the one who makes everyone feel better like a healer.  So as I said not much to say about my relationship with my parents.  I love them both equally and they have provided me with so many opportunities and they have made me into the woman I am. I couldn’t thank them enough for everything they have done for me.