Hey guys so I know I am a day late but I was really ill yesterday and I mean really ill. This bug is beyond a joke and yesterday I just felt so weak.  So yes I have already broken my promise but I have a valuable excuse and as long as I stay in the 30 days. I am blaming this horrible weather here in England. Not hot enough and not cold enough. In the middle and that’s the worse place to be.

So today’s prompt was to write about 3 legitimate fears I have. I have alot of fears but I am learning to get over them. In this post I will tell you guys the story behind my fears. Beware stupidity and embarrassment ahead. 😂😂

Equinophobia – fear of horses

Yes.. This is the part where I admit I am scared of horses. I know they are not frightening creatures but I have just had bad experiences with them. It started out when I was younger and my mum took me to riding lessons with the girl guides. I was so small and so was given the smallest horse or a foal. So we all went out had a good time.. Everyone except me my horse obviously had a funny moment and decided it wanted to gallop at full speed around the paddock. There I was clinging on not enjoying myself waiting for the horse to calm down. After that experience I  did not go a bundle on horses but my fear developed much later.

I was out with the sea cadets on this weekend trip at an army camp. As part of the plan we had to do this orienteering session where we had maps and walked through random fields. I enjoyed this you know out there with nature but on that walk we managed to find our way into a field of wild horses. Now one thing I would say to you all.. Never go near a wild horse and never walk right through its field. So there we were just walking through this field and we had managed to catch the attention of a few of the horses as they had started following us. The horses were very close behind now and had egged on their friends to join in we all screamed and ran as quickly as possible out of that field. Horses can be dangerous and those ones were crazy. So ever since then I have been petrified of horses. 😂😂

Astraphobia – fear of thunder and lightning


I have always had a fear of thunder and lighting and it has even gone to the extreme of me cowering under the table. The earliest memory I have of this fear was in year 7… Thunder and lightning was outside and I let out a little cry/scream I kinda went all still and then dived under the nearest table. 😃😃 Still to this day I am scared on thunder and lightning and I have no idea why..

Acrophobia – fear of heights

Again this is another one that I don’t know when it started. I never went on rides and hated going up ladders because I was scared on having my feet off the ground. The most often I recognise this fear is at our regular holiday space. It has this staircase from the beach front all the way up the cliff to the very top. About half way I start hyperventilating and panic. Like seriously panic and I have to cling onto the bars. I am getting better with this one as I can now go on some rides and I can do some things but other ones I still can’t do. 😃😃

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. And my advice to you is stay away from wild horses 🐎