I know this is a bit late but I thought it best to do this now. Over the Christmas period I found some amazing Pinterest diys that were so easy I thought I would have a go. Here is the tutorial on how to make this cheap and easy Christmas decoration.


Right this is literally the easiest diy ever 😁😁😁 Alot of people will probably have blank canvases of varying sizes. If you don’t have any they are mega cheap at shops like the works.


And all you do is pick any of your favourite wrapping paper and you literally wrap the canvas its that easy. 😂


This was my favourite part as you now have the chance to add ribbons and decorate it how you want. You don’t have to make it Christmas Wrapping paper so this could be a versatile decoration. 😄😄


I think this is a nice and easy diy for any festive season. It looks really nice hung up on a wall or just left on the top of a mantelpiece 😄