Winter is here at last

It’s cold, It’s wet

Yet not a drop of snow has past

So I sit inside by the fire

Wanting nothing more

Than to admire

The beautiful crisp white sheets

Of that lovely thing called snow

That covers each and every street

I wouldn’t mind a little bit

Of snow along the path

I think that would fit

But all I see when I look out

Is raindrops pouring

Down the spout

Dampness clings to the air

It doesn’t feel right

But I don’t care

We have had this so long

This doesn’t feel like winter

It just feels wrong

What I really want to know

This is something so small

Where did our winter go

Hope you like my poem been having alot of rain storms here in Windsor. Been cold and wet so had to write a poem to summarise my mood. People say snow is coming I don’t believe them and I don’t think I will πŸ˜‚