HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS.. Here in England we are in the new year and I know feel like 2016 is going to be an interesting year. I didn’t do much in 2015 but anway here is my list of achievements and memories.

  1. Went to dads first gig
  2. Went on a sup improver course
  3. Learnt to knit
  4. Talked to a paralympic gold medalist
  5. Improved hours at sportsable my voluntary job
  6. Started helping out with Stand out for Autism and will look at more work next year
  7. Got 200+ Instagram followers
  8. Went to Camden market
  9. Read and saw first Game of Thrones
  10. Had first college interview
  11. Got place in college
  12. Went to first day at college
  13. Made friends
  14. Talked inferring of a large group
  15. Handed in first resignation letter
  16. Became a full time member of staff at the coffee shop
  17. Got to work with some amazing people who will stay my friends for life.
  18. Started 101 goals in 1001 days
  19. Completed first capture your 365 challenge
  20. Went to parties
  21. Charted to people at parties
  22. Went to Scotland to see a friend and fell in love with their brain damaged dog called poppy.
  23. Signed up to donate money to Great Ormond Street Hospital
  24. Broke first bone (my left pinky). Was just dislocated but stupidly put it back into place the wrong way.. So permanently damaged it😢
  25. Got Pinterest account
  26. Went to VE celebration at Windsor Castle
  27. Got photo featured in the CY365 photo of the day
  28. Saw the Gloriana and other boats during the magna casta celebrations
  29. Slightly managed to combat fear of heights at the air force memorial. I really do hate spiral staircases πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  30. Completed first Pinterest diy project
  31. Scored first Basket in wheelchair basketball
  32. Improve photography
  33. Went to London on my own for the first time


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