Hey guys,

As part of the 101 challenge I originally decided to watch the top 250 movies on IMDb after much deliberation I decided to change that. So I then decided to watch 26 movies each beginning with each letter of the alphabet. Over the period of these few months since I started this goal project I have watched a number of movies. So I am going to share the movies I have watched and my small review on them.

A – About Time,  5 stars

To be honest there are not many British movies that can say they give American films a run for their money. But this film was just amazing. Typically British, it was a story that kept you captivated right until the end. Probably one of the best British films I have ever seen and that is one thing you rarely hear.

D – Dead like me, life after death, 5 stars

If any of you saw the dead like me TV series then you would want to watch this. It is a continuation from the TV series that looks at where people go when they die. This comedy is amazing and you will be laughing so much. Definitely worth the watch.

I – Into the woods, 3 stars

Now I am going to admit I probably should have read the casing before purchasing this dvd. Why? Because it turned out to be a musical. But just so you know I have nothing against musicals but I thought it was going to be a fun,  family film. Me and my mum were in hysterics when we found out. It is an amazing film, bit of a weird story and til this day I think it would have been better as a normal film.

S – Smosh the movie, 4 stars

This was one of the films I watched with my sister. We both love YouTube and the stars on their. This film took an interesting take on the YouTube we know. Anthony and Ian from Smosh journey into the depths of YouTube to remove a video. Hilariously funny and definitely a good film 😊

T – The Martian, 5 stars

Okay, so I went to see this film with my dad. He loves sci-fi movies and space. I like some of the movies but most of them bore me. However I was changed to a sci-fi fan when I watched this movie. The story was so in-depth and was perfect. Also Matt Damon was the main actor and you know that any thing with him in is bound to be good. 😂😂

I watched other movies but the letter was already taken up. These were amazing as well and I would recommend you check them out 😊😊

Saving Mr.Banks, 5 stars

The Kite Runner, 5 stars

The Signal, 5 stars (very trippy come out having mind blown)