Hey guys..

It’s episode 2 Yayyy. 😊😊

I have been working alot on this Journal over the last week. Most of the pages I did while sitting in college catch up sessions. I got bored 😂😂. So I did a few pages but I did more of the wrecking this week, this means I don’t have many completed pages. So I decided instead of showing you all the pages I have done… I will give you guys a tip to help with your journalling that I discovered this week.


Probably quite a few of you, like me have stared at a blank piece of paper in your journal or looked at the instructions…. And been like… WHAAA??? I did that this week I was looking at a page contemplating ideas for how to decorate it. I came up with this brilliant idea that was just amazing. But guess what… As I started doing it I looked at it and thought Oh Crap I have made a big mistake.

So there I was trying to rectify this page… Wondering how I could salvage the page that I had just completely ruined. Many people probably get this when they have just made a like massive mistake. But I found a genius way to correct it…. Stick decorative origami paper onto it. 😂😂😂



What have I learned this week… Any mistakes you make can be corrected you just have to think about what method to use. 😊😊

Hope you guys liked my tip and todays post. More wreck this Journal episodes every Wednesday 😊😊