Hey guys

So recently I experienced how cruel fate can be. We all have those days when everything goes wrong and at the end of the day you just wish you could write it out of history.. Pretend that day never happened. However this is the real world and there is no such thing. So I thought it would be cool to write my bad day and everything that went wrong. 😁😁

The Story:

On Thursday Morning my alarm usually went off at 6:15 so I had time to get up and do all the things I had to do before I catched the bus to college at 7:54. So usually I have an hour to get ready, pack and walk down the road to the bus stop. But this day Fate decided to make me not hear my alarm or decided to change my alarm. I woke up at 6:50.. I could not believe my eyes.

I managed to get dressed and ready and out of the house in time. Before I had gone I checked the weather.. It said it was going to be lovely so I didn’t wear a coat. I stepped outside and started walking to the bus stop. That was when the heavens opened and I was now walking in the rain storm. I was glad that I was going to be on a bus soon. However fate had another plan… I was across the road from the bus… In the pouring rain and guess what…



Aersghwhnwjjwnwjhfdwvj – WHYYYYΒ 

So I was there in the pouring rain thinking this is just bloody typical. The next bus wouldn’t have arrived for another half an hour.. So I was stuck. I had to be in college in an hour. I decided to call my mum and started walking home. I think by that point the rain and the cold had soaked through to my skin. Anyway good old super mum said she would drive me into town so I could catch the train. I looked absolutely drenched as I came back in the house.


So anyway mum dropped me off in town but I was not as close to the train station if I had not missed the bus. I only had like 10 minutes before the train left… So I started to run. About half way through my run I saw the train pass by me over the bridge. It was heading to the platform. After that I had to run even faster because me being an honest citizen had to buy a ticket.

So there was me running to the train likeΒ 


I managed to get on the train and have a bit of time to sort my stuff out before college. I got to the next station and got off the train. Then I had to switch trains but this is normal for me. Anyway I got to college in one piece. I managed to survive through college. But halfway through the day one of our lecturers was off due to illness. We were supposed to do work that lesson but the stupid tablets they gave us didn’t turn on.

My day was getting bad again πŸ˜…πŸ˜… So anyway after all the lectures I had to stay behind with one other person because we had to write out the stuff we had done in one of the lessons that I had sent to the teacher. Anyway so I got out of college and started heading home. The train was fine as usual but I got to the bus station in Windsor and found that it was going to be like 40 mins until the bus arrived. Now just so you know I can’t sit around doing nothing for 40 minutes I have to be doing something. I thought I am not waiting for the bus so I walked home..

And that was the end of my eventful day as I walked home pondering life. I decided I really do hate buses …