Music taste like everything changes over time. I have not posted a recent update on my music taste. So here is my Top 10 songs currently. Some are old and some are new so they are not all the same style or genre.

I love this song so much as it was the first ever Fall Out Boy song I listened to. I find that the lyrics and the tune just seem to get stuck in your head. 😊😊

This is my most recent song I added to my playlist. Spotify recommended it to me so I added it on Wednesday. It is such an amazing and powerful song about lighting up someones life. Also the video is so inspirational it is about lifetime illnesses and the people who stand by them 😊😊.

Yet another song by the amazing Avicii. This song is one of my absolute favourites. I think the tune and the lyrics are amazing. The video both normal and lyric one are so inspiring about the power of love… One of the greatest force in the world. 😊😊

This is my new favourite song by Fall Out Boy. I love the feel of the song 😊😊 Also the music video is amazing and such a cool song I actually brought it on CD 😊

This is a new song I added and I love the dark feel to the song and the lyrics are amazing too. 😊😊

This is one of the new ones that was recommended to me. I love the feel and tune to this song. It just got stuck in my head and I don’t want it to come out 😊😊 Also the music video is amazing in quality don’t think I have seen one as good as it yet 😊

This is one of those old time classic songs. There is always a time for this song. I love this song it is so beautiful 😊😊

This is one I heard on the radio and ever since then has been my motivating song. It keeps me motivated and on task because I often find that people suck the life out of you. So I turn to this song in those moments to keep me going even when I don’t want to 😊😊

I hadn’t heard this song in so long but just instantly connected back to it when I heard it again on Spotify recommendations. 😊😊

This song was recommended to me by my sister who recently got into All Time Low. Although I saw them in Β concert with Green Day I never really paid attention to their songs.