Hey guys,

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while I have had a lot to think about… Mostly my future etc. Anyway a while ago my sister sent me a document with 101 random questions. I thought I would answer each of those questions per day for 101 days… Big commitment right… 😊😊😊😊 Today’s post is about my favourite pet. So this is the story of a little fish.


Once upon a time there was a fish named Charlie, he was golden orange and red. He was one of the first fish of a little girl called Ruth. She wanted fish for her birthday as she thought they were very beautiful. Although it may not seem it this story is not about Charlie but another little fish. Anyway back to the story…

Charlie with all his other fishy friends lived happily together in the tank… Until one faithful day when Charlie got hungry for more than fish food, he killed the other fish. Poor Ruth came into her room to find one fish gone, every week another would go.. Until Charlie and his female friend survived.

Ruth got another load of fish to replace the ones that Charlie killed or the ones that died of natural causes. With this lot however Charlie did not kill or maim a single one… He was a bit off and so was his female friend. One day Ruth’s younger sister came into the room to look at the fishes. As she was looking around she spotted a tiny fish behind the heater. He was not one of the ones Ruth got as replacement so that only meant one thing…

He was the same colouring as Charlie so Ruth instantly knew that this was Charlie’s baby. He was so small and cute that Ruth could not handle herself. She named him Junior. As the days flew by he grew and grew and grew. Her father told her that it was a high probability he would not survive as the other fish would just gobble him up being so small. But he fought for his place in the tank.

Junior the little small fish became Ruth’s favourite after the months of being together. Ruth would come home from school and instantly go to her fish tank to check on Junior. It was a special bond like no other even though Junior was a fish Ruth knew that he knew who she was. He reminded Ruth of her story. Brought up being the odd one out slowly getting into society. But having to learn how to fight and be tough to survive the bullying. He was a tough lad.

A few months after Junior was born the fish started to drop like flies…. This was however no longer Charlie instead they all died of natural causes. Ruth had to fish out from the bottom dead ones every now and then. Charlie went soon after the others, but as usual Junior being the tough one survived through it all. He was the last one in the tank… Until one faithful day when Ruth was at school.. Β After school Ruth came home and ran up to her room.. She could not find Junior… Β She started to panic … Where was he it was a small tank. Then she saw him lying on the bottom of the tank unmoving. She checked to see if he was dead. Β He was. On that day Ruth lost her only friend in the world he may have been a fish but he didn’t question her be mean to her or say anything. He was always there for her whenever she needed a friend. He received a funeral and she said goodbye in hopes that he might see how much that little fish meant to that little girl. 😊😊🐠