Hey guys 😊😊

Happy summer yayyy 😊😊 But here in Britain summer has not yet come. I currently sit at home just watching the rain in droplets pour down the window. Has not stopped raining all day. I am yet to experience summer this year. Anyway enough blabber as I was walking to work in the rain I came up with this poem that I want to share with you guys 😊

When summer comes

I want to go out and play

But the rain is pouring down

It seems like spring is here to stay

But yet spring has gone

It is in the past

All I want to shout is

Summer is here at last

Yet I can’t find a sign

That summer is here

It’s cold, it’s miserable

And spring clings to the air

Raindrops pour down

Clinging on for dear life

The cold wind rages

Stabbing you with a knife

So take an umbrella

Put on a coat

And step outside

Be careful to watch the most

Summer is like a dream

That has not yet come

No signs of summer can be found here

So you might as well go home

Put down your bucket and spade

Don’t head go the sea

Just come here

And watch this movie with me