The other day I was scrolling through YouTube, you know just having a look at videos of youtubers I am following. I saw that Dan and Phil two of my favourite Youtubers did a video on the akinator. I was intrigued I had never heard of it.akinator_defi

So I watched the video and I could not believe what I was seeing. Incase any of you don’t know the akinator is a genie trapped in a website that can predict who you are thinking about just by asking 20 questions. So I decided after watching the video to put the akinator to the test.

I got the mobile app on my phone to make it easier to screenshot. And trust me even on the phone this genie gets into your head. It asked me 25 questions or less depending on how quickly it got the character. I thought of two real people and two people from books. Anyway here is proof that the genie knows all. 😊😊

Test 1 – Daniel Radcliffe

So the first person I thought of who would be easy to guess was Daniel Radcliffe, one of the most famous actors. This was a very easy one to start of with and I soon got questions if he was in the harry potter series. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ So after a few questions the akinator came up with this result


I was kinda creeped out that it got that. I know Daniel Radcliffe is a very famous actor so I kind of knew he would get that one, but it was still weird when it came up with his picture at the end. So I had to up my game and my next real person had to be harder to guess before I moved onto the fictional characters.

Test 2 – Billie Joe Armstrong


The next person I thought of was Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day. The akinator took longer to guess this one than the last one. I think because he is not as well known as other ones. Anyway it still managed to get it… I started to think that there really is a genie trapped in this website..

Test 3 – Eragon ShadeslayerΒ 


My first fictional character I decided would be Eragon Shadeslayer from the Eragon series written by Christopher Paolini. I loved this series although I haven’t finished it yet 😊😊😊😊 This was the one out of the four it took longest for Akinator to guess it, but he eventually got this. I was a bit more creeped out by this as not many people have heard of Eragon nor seen the movie. But I loved the movie and couldn’t wait for the sequel which never happened.

Test 4 – James Adams


My last test to see if the akinator really is a genie. I chose James Adams from the Cherub series. This was because not many people know of the series compared to other YA books. Anyway James Adams is the main character in the series and the akinator guessed it pretty quickly in comparison to Eragon which confused me as I would have thought Eragon would have been more popular than Cherub.

Anyway I have now surprisingly found out the akinator is as genius genie… 😁😁😁 Haha see what I did there. But yeah I can’t defeat him if you want to have a go check out Akinator website at

Check out Dan and Phil’s video and Pewdiepies video